Industrial Gases


Our system solutions have been developed from many years of experience in gases engineering, equipment manufacture and operations. The end result is a range of manual to fully automatic systems that are highly productive, easy to operate and cost effective for the modern gases industry.

The Modular Filling Systems are built up from the core system and then complemented with additional Filling Modules and/or Filling Stations. A full ‘Turnkey’ plant is simply constructed using this type of system and is easily tailored to suit the exact requirements of the Client. As part of the full ‘Turnkey’ we can provide Storage Pumping and Vaporiser (SPV) systems. These are designed to ensure minimum operator intervention, whilst providing the highest level of safety. Each system is tailored to the Client’s process, operations, location and factory layout.


All units are built and tested off site, which significantly reduces the on-site installation time. The modular system provides significant productivity benefits and reduced overall hardware requirements.


Each of our systems/projects comes with a comprehensive document package, which includes:

  • Design Documents
  • CE Build Files
  • P&ID’s and Process Descriptions
  • Safety Studies
  • Spares and Maintenance lists
  • Operating Instructions
  • Certification for all materials/parts